Man Attacked by Giant Guitar

I’m not sure what the deal is here, but I was walking down the street across from Penn Station the other day and saw this dude playing a gigantic guitar. He wasn’t actually being attacked by it, but me and many others were struck by its ridiculous size. The guy was playing real music on this thing. I think at the time he was doing an improvisation around the Star Spangled Banner or something…
Man attacked by giant guitar
It’s funny to think of the mad scientist mind that decided it would be a good idea to create a super-size guitar and make it entirely playable, although unwieldy, for a normal rocker dude. It sounded like, well, an electric guitar, though the lower strings had this huge deep open-string vibrating tone going on, kind of like how you can tell pretty much instantly when the low E on a guitar is in dropped D…

I hope this guy is making some nice spare change with his freak-show guitar. Props my man. It must be a total pain to carry to gigs. Or bring on the subway.

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  1. LOL… that is awesome! I’ve seen a huge guitar like that at the Experience Music Project in seattle, but I’ve never seen anyone play a huge axe like that thing.

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