Pump Audio Music Licensing Controversy

I’ve obviously been quite occupied with things unrelated to this blog for the past several months, but I’ve been impressed by the passionate responses here to Pump Audio’s decision to change the terms of their licensing split from 50/50 to 65/35 in their favor. The post I wrote (holy sh*t!) exactly a year ago today Pump Audio’s Re-Titling of Songs for Publishing and Pump Audio Reduces Artist Licensing Payments from back in May are still getting pretty frequent comments from musicians pissed off by Pump Audio’s unilateral action to reduce artist payments.

I’m also delighted(!) to see that we have the third-ranking site in Google’s organic results for Pump Audio. I LOVE that someone new to music licensing that is searching for info on Pump is going to see this headline on their first Google search “Pump Audio Reduces Artist Licensing Payments”. Those of you inclined to lean against the powers that be can continue to help the indie musician cause by linking to these articles.

I too received their announcement about the licensing agreement change, and so I’ve decided to just let my agreement lapse at the end of the year, which I think is what happens if you don’t sign and submit the new contract. I can’t claim to have done much business with them. In fact, I’m not sure they’ve licensed any of it…

This is clearly an issue affecting a lot of musicians out there, and we depend on every little income source we can find these days. Best of luck to those of you that are going the music licensing route! And good luck to all of you fighting the good fight…

6 thoughts on “Pump Audio Music Licensing Controversy”

  1. Pump Audio is a complete joke and needs to go away. Hopefully not to many folks fell into their trap. Song writers, Bands, Indie Labels, Etc. need to stand up against this company and tell them to get lost.

  2. I’ve been with Pump for over two years and I told them to shove their new agreement up their a$$ !!! They sent me a couple of letters explaining their philosophy and trying to change my mind but all they did was insult my intelligence !! It was very easy and laughable answering their messages ! This raping of the artist must stop and we as artists CAN do something about it , by saying “NO” !! And for all you artists who say that 35% is better than nothing are a BIG part of the problem and you can share the blame for what the biz has become. There are times when you must put your pride and integrity ahead of desperation ! I did my part by telling Pump to shove it !!

  3. There are not any alternatives that will do what pump will to promote an artist for free, even paid promotion dosent help if your not getting promotion from all angles.

  4. I’ve been a member for some time now and PUMP has never posted any of my music which they said they accepted. Now that’s some good exposure.

  5. Pump works for me. They license my music and help me to make money. Maybe you other guys do not have the right music in their catalog. If you step your game up and work hard, you can have your music licensed also.

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