The Perfect Headphones for the Musician In-Transit

One of my favorite possessions in the entire world is my pair of
Bose® QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones

These headphones have totally improved my quality of life. Gone are the days in college when I would dedicate long nights to hanging out and listening to music. Since I’m so busy now, most of my real music listening occurs while I’m in transit. Taking public transportation without a book to read or music to listen to can be a real bore. But getting these headphones has changed my attitude toward commuting entirely.

#5 – Perfect Headphones for Commuting

I live part-time in NYC and part-time in CT, and spend a lot of time on Greyhound buses going back and forth. Buses are loud, the people can be obnoxious, and all I ever really want to do is pretend that I’m not on a bus surrounded by people disturbing my peace. These headphones have made it such that I look forward to taking the bus, just so I can have some alone time with my latest music finds that I want to get to know better.

#4 – Reduce Hearing Damage

In New York City, it seems that pretty much everyone owns an iPod, and insists on listening to it at full volume on the subways. Not only are they damaging the hell out of their ears but they’re polluting the audio environment around them. I hate that. I don’t understand how people can enjoy music that’s so damn loud. It’s like they want their morning commute to mimic the weekend’s trip to a club.

We all prefer our music loud, and when the external noises are already loud, we gotta jack the volume just to hear the song. iPod users all over with the standard earbuds I’m sure must be totally wrecking their hearing. It makes me cringe every time I see / hear someone totally destroying their ears just so they can hear a crappy song on the subway.

With the Bose noise canceling headphones, I love just sitting on the train, adding whatever soundtrack to my day that I want to my day, in the sealed off, comfortable listening environment over my ears.

#3 – Sleep Easier
Even when I’m not listening to music, I often leave the noise cancelling headphones on. This is super useful on the bus, for example, when it’s a long ride ahead, they’re showing a loud movie on the TVs, and passengers around you are annoyingly energetic. I just flip the switch and zone out, as it cuts a bunch of the background right out of your ears. Wake up in my destination, wondering how long I slept. 

#2 – Make Plane Flights Bearable

The background noise on airplanes is so ridiculous. It’s impossible to enjoy the auditory experiences that correspond with flying somewhere. These Quiet Comfort Bose headphones helped me sleep for 15 hours straight on a flight to Cambodia. It was divine!

#1 – Give the World Your Own Soundtrack

The best reason, though, for using these headphones is because you can color your world however you want. Just put on music for whatever mood strikes you. No need to get stressed out by loud machines at a construction site, or deal with background garbage. Now you can decide what kind of world you live in. If you are sad, make it sad. If you want it to be happy, make it happy. 

One of my fondest memories is of walking around Seville, Spain for days, listening to OK Computer in this way. Music tied to life has so much power, as we can see every time we go to the movies.

Check them out:

Bose® QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones