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  1. Are you still active with this site?

    The question about ringtones got my attention. In this world of sampling and editing apps, is it worth my time to write them? I have written a few for myself, but concentrate more on full compositions.

    I am on CD Baby. I have not seen any returns yet, but I am really looking more for exposure than immediate sales at this point. I have two pieces on another aggregator whose name I cannot remember. I thought it was Tunecore, but I don’t see anything there of mine.

    My site is

    This brings up another question. I got fed up with trying to get other musicians to work with me on my vision and plan, i.e., to work towards being original music performers by including standards of whatever genre we are being asked to provide, and introducing more of the original music as our brand becomes better known.

    Therefore, I write fully orchestrated scores using Noteworthy software, then I dress up the sound in Sonar X3, and produce an accompaniment track to which I perform or record.

    I am not concerned about the former as much as I am the latter. Do these sell? I am a saxophonist and percussion player, so I provide these tracks live. Everything else is synths.

    What do you think?

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