– An Interview with CEO Barry Coffing

In our ongoing attempt to figure out music licensing and evaluate what services have some real potential, we asked Barry Coffing, CEO of, about his company and the licensing biz.

What is
Based in Los Angeles, CA, runs an online system where those involved in the selection of music for film and TV can quickly access a wide selection of music. Their online platform is clean and simple. Barry emphasizes that it’s for professionals only. Artists interested in submitting their music must have their recordings pass a sound-quality screening first, and they also make sure you understand the business of licensing, too. Quick Stats:

  • 1,700 Labels and Composers have their music in the system with an average of 4 new ones added a day.
  • 3000+ tracks are listened to every month on the site by music supervisors looking for music
  • A full tracking system tells each artist every time a track is listened to, downloaded, licensed and how much money is due, in real time.
  • Over 20% of every project listed licenses at least one track

Here’s what Barry had to say…
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