Crash on My Couch! Tour Lodging for the Indie Musician

Finally, a company to serve those of us that wish more strange musicians would sleep on our couches!

Seriously, though, this actually sounds pretty interesting. Better Than The Van has recently introduced a site to connect touring musicians with people willing to let them sleep on their couches. Whether they are daredevils, sickos, or good Samaritans, people are posting profiles and opening their homes to musicians that need a free place to stay.

Better Than The Van looks too new to judge how useful it will be, but I like the idea. What I would really love to see is a site where I could match these willing victims with venues, essentially enabling me to plot out a little tour all from one site. But I guess if things were that easy, everyone would do it.

We posed some questions to Todd, the official “Firestarter” for BTTV. Read the interview below!

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