Who ARE these people?!

I’m enjoying checking out the eclectic and bizarre mix of music that’s finding its way to TheMusicSnob. My goal with this blog isn’t to tell you what to listen to. I’m NOT some super obscurist toolbox trying to find the next hottest band that you need to know about. Instead, I’m just applying my ridiculous opinions to the wheat and chaff as it passes by. 


On the bright side, ANYONE who wants their music reviewed, even if it’s the worst shit ever made, has an equal chance. There’s lots of good music, but who’s got time to find it all? Let’s just listen to everything that passes by, and rejoice in the interesting badness and goodness alike. So far, just knowing that people are out there working hard to create their own songs and sounds, this puts me in a much more open-minded, kind frame of reference, than if I were listening to a major label release. 

So if you want someone to comment on your music, send it my way.