How to Make Great Web Videos

Do you want your web videos to look like this?

Or like this?

One of the problems with having a budget of practically zero for online music marketing is that it can be difficult to create good quality videos for the web. I have a decent digital camera, but the last time I created a video in YouTube, it turned into a pile of crap. See below:

In addition to having poor image quality, the sound is pretty bad. The poor sound quality is particularly noticeable before the song really gets going, and you can hear the mic “noise”. I tried using audio noise filters in Adobe Premiere Pro, which seemed to work while listening in the program, but for some reason the final video still suffered.

So. A quick Google search has brought up several sites that seem to have very good suggestions that we can all use to avoid having crappy videos that no one wants to watch because they are too blurry:

How To Make YouTube Videos Look Great

If you scroll through this site, you will find a ton of articles on compressing videos for YouTube using a range of programs, as well as string of other articles with even more tips.

Just another example of how the internet is now doing the work of 100 men. 24 hours a day. Thank you, Mr. Internet!

Additional Sound Enhancement

For musical performances, keep in mind that you can process the sound from video. So if you know what you’re doing, you can eliminate most background hiss, add some slight reverb or delay for warmth, and EQs. Nice. Go easy on the reverb, though, because it can be quite weird listening to cathedral sounds while watching a video of someone’s basement.