What is TheMusicSnob.com?!?!

Think of the www.themusicsnob.com as a wikipedia-style encyclopedia of resources for independent musicians. Basically, we are trying to organize info and advice related to promoting music, given the ridiculous number of services, tools, machines, devices, programs, and other stuff all alleged to help you get your music into the ears of listeners.

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This site originated from my own frustrations as a failing musician. I was spending way too much time online, joining and abandoning music-oriented sites, trying to find a way to break through the noise and get people to notice what I’ve been creating. After failing quite successfully, it occurred to me that I was reinventing the wheel, and that the hundreds of thousands of musicians out there must have an impressive body of collective knowledge on how this “industry” works.

Note: I’m assuming that my music isn’t terrible, or any worse than that of the many thousands of musicians with relatively more success than me. You can judge for yourselves whether that’s the case or not: www.bbelief.com

Anyway, my thinking is that each musician, no matter how successful or unsuccessful, has some personal experience that might be useful to others. So, I’ve created TheMusicSnob.com for us to share these insights and hopefully improve the transparency and quality of info out there.

Thanks for checking out us, and please come back frequently and/or subscribe to the RSS feed for updates. And check out www.themusicsnob.com and add any of your own opinions/ideas/theories/beliefs.