Inner Rhythm – New eBook on Building a Successful Music Biz

On the other side of the pond, Kavit Haria is busy in England helping musicians attend to the nuts and bolts of building a music career. You should check out his new ebook:

How To Design a Winning and Profitable Music Business.

I checked the guide out and wrote a review for him. Here’s what I had to say:

“Kavit Haria’s ebook outlines some essential business practices that musicians interested in building a career should consider. Instead of taking the ad hoc and uncoordinated approach, musicians should carefully consider their goals and the concrete steps to get them there. If you are in the process of turning music creation into a music business, you should check out Kavit’s summary of a music business framework and his analysis of the artist-fan relationship.”

Another aspect to the book that I thought was important is his distinction between opportunistic and strategic thinking. Most of us move forward without a clear plan, taking the opportunities that present themselves, but not moving towards a concrete goal. If you define your goals first and then work backwards, your actions should be much more effective.

I hear that.