Nobody’s Going to Help You…

Turning back to the old subject of this blog, how to promote independent music, Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, recently posted an article about how nobody’s going to help you out to advance your music career.

This is my experience on the subject. It’s not in anyone’s financial interest to help a struggling musician. The odds of turning a profit on someone without a huge existing fanbase are against you. So, it’s a tough road.

Good luck to you. Check out the article, read the hundreds of comments so far…

Derek Sivers’ Incubator of Musician Services

As head of CD Baby, Derek Sivers has been a go-to person on the web and at conferences for musicians looking to learn how to make it in the biz. Having recently sold CD Baby to Discmakers, Derek Sivers has begun work on a bunch of new projects, all with the similar goal of helping artists. They seem to be in the planning stages, but you can go to his website and sign up for announcements and see what he’s got cooking.

Also, you should download a FREE e-copy of his Music Marketing Advice book.

Down the Rabbit Hole

The web seems host to an unending world of content, and each day I’m discovering more and more great resources for musicians. Articles on just about anything related to music marketing. Dialogue is happening on all levels, from high up at the corporate and start-up biz side, down to the nuts and bolts of engaging with one listener at a time.

Here are some sites I’ve come across that seem to be part of the solution:

Music Business 101

Bob Baker’s Music Promotion Blog

Music Marketing dot com

Music Think Tank

New Music Strategies

Unsprung Media

The Lefsetz Letter

Derek Siver’s Blog (Founder of CD Baby)

Indie HQ