Guest Bloggers & Music Industry Journalists Wanted

TheMusicSnob has been sidetracked the past several months, as evident by our lack of posts. Our site has a large readership of music industry professionals and independent musicians, and many posts have spawned great discussions on marketing tools and music licensing opportunities. We’d like to see this continue…

If you are interested in writing a guest post, interview or article on the music industry, music marketing or something else related, please get in touch with us. We are as interested as ever in learning the latest strategies for successful independent musicians.


Who ARE these people?!

I’m enjoying checking out the eclectic and bizarre mix of music that’s finding its way to TheMusicSnob. My goal with this blog isn’t to tell you what to listen to. I’m NOT some super obscurist toolbox trying to find the next hottest band that you need to know about. Instead, I’m just applying my ridiculous opinions to the wheat and chaff as it passes by. 


On the bright side, ANYONE who wants their music reviewed, even if it’s the worst shit ever made, has an equal chance. There’s lots of good music, but who’s got time to find it all? Let’s just listen to everything that passes by, and rejoice in the interesting badness and goodness alike. So far, just knowing that people are out there working hard to create their own songs and sounds, this puts me in a much more open-minded, kind frame of reference, than if I were listening to a major label release. 

So if you want someone to comment on your music, send it my way.

Today’s Most Innovative Music Industry Directory

The top 5 reasons why The Music Snob’s Industry Directory kicks ass:

1) It’s FREE!

2) You can create and edit ANY articles on ANYTHING you want related to the music industry (It’s a wiki!)

3) You can speak your mind! Share your snobbery: Insights and opinions, not just basic facts.

4) Articles can include videos, photos, and text. This ain’t your old phone book directory.

5) Real opinions from real musicians = better info

The Details

Think of it as a Wikipedia for the music industry, except in addition to factual and descriptive content, it allows users to speak their minds, through text, video and images. A place for the music community to share “snobbery,” in essence. Each musician has their own set of experiences trying to create and promote their music, and their insights can help all of us. For example, if I played a gig at a local venue, I could edit or create a page on that venue and share the details of how I got the gig, what the backline was like, tips for drawing a crowd, etc.

Click on the links below to check it out. The directory is always accessible via the righthand column on this blog..

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What is!?!

Think of the as a wikipedia-style encyclopedia of resources for independent musicians. Basically, we are trying to organize info and advice related to promoting music, given the ridiculous number of services, tools, machines, devices, programs, and other stuff all alleged to help you get your music into the ears of listeners. logo

This site originated from my own frustrations as a failing musician. I was spending way too much time online, joining and abandoning music-oriented sites, trying to find a way to break through the noise and get people to notice what I’ve been creating. After failing quite successfully, it occurred to me that I was reinventing the wheel, and that the hundreds of thousands of musicians out there must have an impressive body of collective knowledge on how this “industry” works.

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