Tips for Evaluating Music Licensing Opportunities

We’ve looked at a ton of different music licensing services here at themusicsnob, and today’s tips on music licensing are a guest blog by Kevin Breuner, musician, blogger, and CD Baby employee. 

Licensing Companies – What to look for and what to avoid

This past week, I had a number of artists ask me about potential music licensing deals that they had on the table. The common concern was whether or not the deal they were being offered was legit. This is something that could be discussed in great detail on a case by case basis, but I thought I would give a few brief bullet points on some things to considerbefore getting involved with a licensing company.

Are they a licensing company or a music library? – The lines can be a bit blurry here, but a general distinction between the two is that a licensing company will pitch individual tracks, where a music library might supply clients with a searchable hard drive of music with thousands of tracks. In general, a licensing company will get higher fees.

What rights are they asking for? – At a minimum, you have to grant a licensing company the right to represent your music, but there can be varying levels of artist involvement for each placement they negotiate. Some contracts are pre-cleared(Meaning they don’t have to get the artist to sign off on each individual placement), and others give the artist the right of refusal before the deal goes through. Most indie artist will encounter pre-cleared contracts. Another thing to look for is if it’s exclusive or non-exclusive.

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Guest Bloggers & Music Industry Journalists Wanted

TheMusicSnob has been sidetracked the past several months, as evident by our lack of posts. Our site has a large readership of music industry professionals and independent musicians, and many posts have spawned great discussions on marketing tools and music licensing opportunities. We’d like to see this continue…

If you are interested in writing a guest post, interview or article on the music industry, music marketing or something else related, please get in touch with us. We are as interested as ever in learning the latest strategies for successful independent musicians.