Meta Music Reviews – Reviews of Musicians Reviewing their Music

The Music Snob is now introducing meta-reviews to this fine cyberworld. While some of you may have an idea of what this is, and it may in fact exist in many locations elsewhere, I can’t be bothered to seek out and destroy these other locations, or even inquire as to their existence, and so, according to this blog,¬† is now premiering the “meta music review”.

What is a meta music review?

A commentator’s review of a musician’s commentary on his own music.

*Note: they can also be a musician’s review of a commentator’s review of his music. But we will be focusing largely on the former for now.

Why are meta music reviews worthwhile?

  • Meta reviews depend on musicians to think and evaluate their own music, and communicate something about it with words
  • Having musicians review their own music will foster creative and musical dialog
  • Meta reviews will bring humor and insight to the creative process
  • Meta reviews will force us to discover some new music and consider new creative ideas and perspectives


Stay tuned for the first of our meta music reviews. Bear in mind that these depend on the quality of music review submissions we receive, so 


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  1. I tried submitting through your link but it didn’t seem to be working, so I’m trying this method. My website has my songs available for free download. It also includes a blog where I’ve put an entry for each song. I realize you’re the music snob…but I’m hoping you’ll not blast me too badly. Maybe if I butter you up first: I sure enjoy your blog. There, now go easy on me.

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