The White Noise Supremacists

I was initially a bit horrified to see an email in my inbox from The White Noise Supremacists, thinking that perhaps David Duke’s campaign manager was spamming me. If he’s not in jail, or something.


She’s Soft Inside

Anyway, The White Noise Supremacists seem to rage sound jihad on a wide range of sounds. I first checked out their video “She’s Soft Inside,” a live performance video. It was grainy and engaging, despite the singer’s seeming catatonia. The sound was rough but the melodies held and carried, some really nice inflections in the just-right spots to squeeze out some drops of blood from this cold heart of mine. A rough crude lovemaking, perhaps something I would listen to if I were fleeing from a crime scene in 1977 with my buddy Derek driving an El Camino. But I mean that in a positive way, because I enjoyed this song a lot.

I couldn’t tell what any of the lyrics are, but the song title suggests that maybe they are about a pelvic exam or something.

Fighting Against the Sea

This song makes me replay in my mind the dark associations I have with the music industry. Largely because here is a beautiful song that will probably never get heard by more than 10 people. The sonic world is the opposite from the live video jihad. This one is delicate, spacious and quiet, hits the orchestration just right by queuing some weird hipster-sounding synth at the choruses, reminding us that I Heart Huckabees was more than just a movie.

Props to this girl, the singer, Iféoluwa Babalola. She reminds me of a female Stevie Wonder / Michael Jackson that could use a few vocal lessons to strengthen the upper end of her vocal register. The chorus in this song flows nicely, doesn’t really dare or aim for the sky. The song just captures a reflective and optimistic mood that makes me want to be slightly younger and less jaded. I like it. It would be hard being mean to people while listening to this song.

Furthermore, I am happy / saddened to see that someone else besides me has played so many of the “lesser” NYC music venues. Super-duper props for booking Otto’s Shrunken Head. Repeatedly.

Advice for you
Check her out.

Advice for her
Get a better website. The current design looks like one of the spam landing pages that aggregate paid links. I’ll build one for you if you want.