Music in the Dominican Republic

Right now The Music Snob is in the Dominican Republic, working as a translator on a medical mission.  I’ve brought my guitar, and am providing night time entertainment for the group of doctors and nurses by playing Beatles songs and other well-known stuff. Lots of fun. The locals have such a joy for music. Last year when here I borrowed someone’s guitar on the street and played an impromptu concert. This year, one of the local kids remembered me as the guy with the guitar and was asking me to bring it back to the hospital. So maybe I’ll do that again this year. 

I have no idea what’s been going on with the “music industry” or music marketing lately. And I missed CMJ in NYC entirely. 

Good luck to everyone out there playing and singing and writing. I did score a beautiful electric piano for a fraction of its cost recently, so I have a new compositional tool. 

This site has been quiet for the past several weeks, as I’ve been busy launching a new ecommerce site for One Pearl. One Pearl sells beautiful pearl and semiprecious stone jewelry, and gives away most of their profits to fund organizations that benefit children. They do great work and I’m proud to be part of it. So put down your guitars momentarily and surf the site.