Getting Your Music Featured on MySpace

One of the most popular articles on is Getting Your Band Featured on MySpace, which was posted to the Industry Wiki several months ago. The original article is an excerpt from an ebook by Nick Jag, who runs a site offering marketing tips on social networking sites. 

Because things change quickly online, I’m not sure whether these suggestions are still relevant or useful. I wanted to link to the article here and hopefully start some discussion in the comments to see whether anyone has ideas to contribute to the topic. 

Essentially, it says that the four ways to get featured are:

  1. Contact Customer Service and ask that your profile be considered
  2. Find a MySpace employee to put in a good word. This can be done via google searches or social networking
  3. A MySpace employee happens to come across your profile and recommends it 
  4. You pay money 

I’m not sure how practical or effective it is for unknown artists to pursue a MySpace feature, since the competition is probably very stiff. If anyone has thoughts or experience, please share it with us in the Comments…