Some Good Advice

Hey y’all, I recently came across Talk Music Biz, which covers a lot of ground that I think would be helpful for any of us poor and crushed musicians out there. The guy who maintains the site posts good videos where he talks about music industry stuff, and has some good tips for online marketing, getting licensed, internet radio, and on and on. Check it out.

1 thought on “Some Good Advice”

  1. Saw your ad on lighting “viral fuse”…
    Just recently got my manager to get my up with
    a basic download web site for my albums (2)
    plus an i-tune account. Butthat is it! I don’t
    have a clue how to get traffic other than to get tips from sites like your own, and to gig.
    Only, I haven’t gigged in years for personal
    reasons (health). I am a Billboard honorable
    mentionEE 3 years straight, and am on my way
    to some level of success. I just need to get
    it going online first and create a buzz first
    before I feel it is worth booking shows. Most
    places require a fan base at the door and rely
    ON the artist to draw. Am I making sense? Or
    should I change my philosophy? Thanx…

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