Human Beings Detected!

I just got off the phone with Rick O’Neal, a friendly staffer from Nimbit. A few weeks ago I set up a free account with them so I could use their embeddable Online Merch Table (OMT), to sell my music directly to people from my various websites.

A Real Voice on the Phone

Though I usually just stare at unknown phone numbers with fear, for some reason I bothered to answer the call and was surprised to find that Nimbit was calling to find out how my sales were going. I know it was a sales call, as they want me to upgrade my account and give them some money, but it’s also in their best interests that I sell as much music as possible through my Nimbit OMT.

Artistic Representation of Rick
Artistic Representation of Rick

Given that this is web-based technology, the last thing I expect is to have a human actually call me to talk about my Nimbit account, and address additional ways I can try marketing and selling my music. Given that my music hasn’t “taken off” and I don’t have any gigs scheduled, I probably won’t upgrade my account anytime soon. But it sure raises their cache in my eyes that they actually call their users. I can’t think of any web-based service that’s ever called me to see what’s up…

Just Because You’re Paranoid, Don’t Mean They’re Not After You…

A paranoid person might say that Nimbit called me knowing I write this little blog on music marketing technology, but my rational side tells me that this is wishful thinking.

So, nice work Nimbit. Hopefully you guys will have a smaller module available soon for embedding in sidebars…

Anyone else have any good or bad experiences with these guys?

7 thoughts on “Human Beings Detected!”

  1. Never heard of them, though I think they won’t work in my country, cause even paypal is not here 🙂 Thanks for reference, maybe I’ll try to make it work for me 🙂

  2. I’m not sure what country you’re in, but Nimbit mails out physical checks, so if your country has a mail service then you might be able to use it!

  3. Well, it’s obvious that if I have internet than we have some mail round here. Now the only thing is to sell my masterpieces then hehe 🙂

  4. Well, you’d be surprised by the number of countries where you wouldn’t want to trust anything to the mail service…

    Good luck with the masterpieces!

  5. haha. thank you. I’ll try. Just got on your blog, cause I wanna kinda learn more about music industry. I think I’ll get something interesting.

  6. Rick is a busy guy — he called me too — and he’s put up with a lot of talk and questions. They are trying. I found using it frustrating, vs. Amiestreet, but the direct pay would be attractive… there’s a monthly subscription fee, that would eat up my sales… etc. it’s hard to know which is the best model — they are trying some cool stuff, and they were better than many, many out there.

  7. I find it a bit troubling that they only pay out %80 and 90% of retail sales and eticket sales respectively. It is very interesting to see these companies jockey for the best business model. I wish I had the know-how to figure out which one is actually best for me based on real data.

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