Share the Wealth with Trendsetters – POPCUTS

There was a post yesterday on Techcrunch about a new site for selling your music online. Yay, we’ve all been hoping another would come along, right? Well, this one introduces a different model.

What is It?

Popcuts, as it’s called, shares revenue from each download with both artists AND fans. Fans who spot a hit song first stand to make more money, which in effect rewards music listeners for their taste in up-and-coming hits. The idea is to capitalize on the tendency of hipsters and generally cool people, who love to find trendy music before everyone else and rub it in their faces.

Too Cool for School?

It’s an interesting idea, but I’m wondering if their target demographic is too cool to have their coolness institutionalized and commoditized on a website. Perhaps. And the site’s look doesn’t encourage great trendsetting or stylishness. Some people in the Techcrunch comments section pointed out that it’s similar to a pyramid scheme. Hmmm…..

I posted my music here, and we’ll see how things go. Since it’s a relatively new site, perhaps it will offer more visibility than the older ones already flooded with content.

2 thoughts on “Share the Wealth with Trendsetters – POPCUTS”

  1. I would say not only DRM-free, but Popcuts’ marketing angle could make or break it: whether this demographic of trendsetters they are targeting want to participate in an open and commercial forum.

    Here are my questions/thoughts:

    Will buying a song and having it added to your profile before others buy it and add it to their profiles carry the same thrill as telling your friends about a band they’ve never heard of? Doubtful…

    Will others discover and seek the joys of trendsetting, for relatively minor financial gain and minor online cache. Will it be a gimmick or a real motivator?

    Will the artists that sign up in the early stages be of good enough quality, and fall into the genres that trendsetters typically follow?

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