Messaging All Your Fans or Friends on MySpace

Given how slow and choked with advertising Myspace is, it can take forever just to send one message. They have so many useless features, but still manage to make the most basic ones unpleasant. Since most “friends” don’t share their email addresses, your only hope to convey a message to all your Myspace fans is to use your Twitter-like feed, which may not be adequate for your purposes, or compose messages one by one.

The Online Community Suite

My favorite tool for sending out a ton of messages is the Online Community Suite. This enables you to automate the sending of as many messages as you want. You can leave the program running on your computer while you go off and play a show or take a shower. Whatever. Point being, you compose your message to your “friends,” and that’s it. No more waiting for the pages to load. You don’t even need to have a web browser open, so you never have to look at those shitty ads. Online Community Suite

Advantages of Using

  • There are usually a few new Ocommunity builds a month, addressing mods to Myspace or fixing certain features
  • You can either bypass Captcha codes manually or buy credits to have it bypass them for you automatically.
  • Captcha Bypass Credits are about $0.025 per code. The smallest amount you can buy is 1,000 for $25.
  • Their support is really good. Unlike a lot of the fly-by-night bot software companies out there, these guys actually respond quickly to any support issues you have. And users can easily generate a log file to send to support for easy troubleshooting.
  • They sell functionality as modules, and you can buy as many or few as you need. You are entitled to free upgrades, which are frequent.
  • You can do user and band searches based on geographic location, genre, keywords, etc., which can be very useful if you are trying to identify listeners that might be interested in what you’re doing, or other types of targeting.
  • You can use Ocommunity for multiple MySpace accounts

I love this program, because it means that I don’t have to spend a ton of time waiting for Myspace pages to load and looking at their disgusting ads for long periods of time. It helps me target people that might be interested in what I’m doing and is by far the most sophisticated Myspace program I’ve seen.

I’m not sure that going to such lengths to message people on Myspace is all that effective anymore, though. I feel like the whole Myspace thing has been dead for a while. But until I stop using Myspace entirely, I will still be using’s Online Community Suite to do the dirty work for me. That leaves me to listen to more music and do actual human things, instead of clicking and waiting, clicking and waiting.

For a very interesting and heated discussion of the pros and cons of actually using programs like these, check out: Should I Use Auto Friend-Adders?

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